Lost Dutchman Half Marathon

Map for all courses except 8K:
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Visit our marathon course page page for details about the marathon course.

I can proudly say I loved every minute of it. From the sign up to expo to race day you all made everything smooth and effortless.

The Half Marathon begins and ends in Prospector Park, and is an out-and-back over the last 6.55 miles of the Marathon course. We have a designated lane for runners going toward the turnaround and a return lane when you are headed for the finish line to avoid conflict with oncoming runners and walkers.  From the start line to about the middle of the course going out there is a decline of approximately 100' elevation. The turnaround is slightly higher in elevation than the start/finish line. The return is again somewhat bowl shaped. There are no hills. At about 12.5 you will notice what appears to be an incline toward the turn from Lost Dutchman Blvd. onto Idaho Rd. It is an optical illusion, there is only an elevation gain of a few feet. The course is paved, but there are significant stretches of freshly graded shoulder if you prefer to run on dirt.  The half marathon course is certified (AZ10015TLB ) through 2020.

There will be mile markers on the race course.

Aid Stations:

Half Marathon and 10K Aid Stations: For the 10K and Half Marathon courses there are aid stations every mile with water at every aid station with Lemon Lime Gatorade at every other aid station. There are port-a-jons near every aid station.

Aid stations are staffed by our tremendous volunteers without whom our event could not happen. Please thank them along the way.

Courtesy Clothing Drop: There will be clothing bag drop zone in Prospector Park for the convenience of the runners not wishing to return to their cars.

Drop Bags Staged for Pick Up